Public Addressing & Evacuation

A public address is often a careful consideration of businesses and authority approvals in a number of sectors for life safety. Those who need to make announcements or play background music will always ensure a PA system fit for purpose is installed in the venue, but misperception is often created where voice alarm and emergency sound systems are concerned. 

Public address & voice evacuation alarm is predominantly used for life safety environment, with the added benefit of everyday entertainment and informative uses synonymous with those of a standard PA system. It is always worth highlighting that no other sound system will uphold its integrity in a fire or similar emergency in the same manner as a voice alarm is designed to do. A voice alarm is often recommended by a fire risk assessor but will generally always be required in a building subject to a predetermined evacuation plan; it is designed to work for some time without power and is integrated with the fire alarm. Due to the life-saving benefits of a working voice alarm system, the maintenance requirements are regular and detailed within BS 5839-8 and UL standards.

A general PA system & background music is basically designed for broadcast music and messaging to an audience. Background music is not maintained in the same manner as a voice alarm and are not integrated with the fire alarm for alerts.
In Qatar we are certified by MOI QCDD for all the components we use for EVAC and integration with fire alarm systems.