Access Control System

Access control systems aim to control who has access to any premises of a building, facility for authorized persons only. This is typically carried out by assigning employees, executives, freelancers, and vendors to different types of groups or access levels. Access Control System provides valuable information about the personnel accessed in/out. 

Everyone may be able to use their access cards to enter the main door but not to areas containing secure or privileged information. Basic Components of Access Control Systems: - Credentials, Readers, Controllers, Locking devices, Server & Software. Access Control Systems is an excellent security system such as an office, Airport Terminal, University Campus that requires a larger number of entry control points. 

MBR offers multiple access control system solutions to help you control who goes where and when, with access privileges that are easy to customize.

Fingerprint Recognition: 
The use of the ridges and valleys (minutiae) found on the surface tips of a human finger to identify an individual which is secured access.

Time & Attendance: 
Automated time and attendance solutions reduce labor costs by enforcing pay and work rules consistently and accurately across the organization. Labor-intensive timecard tracking, data entry, and approval processing are simplified while minimizing overpayments and compliance risk.

Retina Scanning: 
The human retina is a thin tissue composed of neural cells that are located in the posterior portion of the eye. Because of the complex structure of the capillaries that supply the retina with blood, each person's retina is unique. The network of blood vessels in the retina is so complex that even identical twins do not share a similar pattern.

Design and install for an electronic door access control system is no easy task. There are several things to consider before you can get into installing the hardware and setting up the software. MBR has developed an in-depth guide that will help you organize and plan for the operational and technical tasks of installing an access control system.

We can help with the below points.
☑ Planning
☑ Design
☑ Supply
☑ Project management
☑ Testing
☑ Training
☑ Establishing operational levels
☑ Access permissions
☑ Setting up credentials
☑ And more ..