Guest Room Management System

We offer end-to-end solutions automation solutions for the Guest Room Management System in the hospitality vertical which includes lighting control, access control, curtain controls, AC temperature controls, and HVAC, Bedside console, integration with smartphones, integration with PMS and BMS, etc. Whether it is KNX bus technology, DALI, Modbus, Wireless or an IP based system. 

GRMS can be installed in new and existing hotels, with the biggest opportunity for energy savings in the substantial stock of existing hotels.  Hard-wired systems will be cost-effective only for new construction or major renovations.  Wireless systems are available that are well suited for retrofit installations in existing hotels.

Our guest room management system solutions offer powerful, scalable, versatile and user-friendly solutions that integrate seamlessly with building automation systems to provide memorable guest experiences and substantial solutions with easy seamless deployment. The advantage of our proposition is energy conservation and manage remotely your temperature of the rooms to maintain the room's expensive aesthetic interior during peak summer in the region.  

We offer total Blind & Curtain control solutions for all kinds and sizes of motorized curtains and blinds and connect them to the intelligent network. Switching controls can be remote and operated in different ways, ranging from simple open/ close commands to predefined settings stored in the system.

As the industry is moving towards IoT our solutions can be controlled thru Touch Screens & iPad Control Systems